Continental recalls the tire.

Continental is voluntarily withdrawing from the European market 12 000 truck of tires and 8500passenger car tires from the North American market.

Continental tireAccording to the statement, the bus manufacturer in Europe are subject to review truck tires Continental Conti Hybrid LS3 in size 205/75 R17.5, which were produced in the period from 27 weeks in 2014 to 26 per week 2015.
The argument for withdrawal was the following conclusion: “In a few exceptional cases sudden loss of pressure was recorded before the operation.” In the Continental group did not receive data about the accident or injuries caused by defective tires. Replacement of tires will be carried out free of charge.

Continental company recall passenger tire Continental ContiProContact in size 225/45 R17, issued during the period from the 8th to the 19th week of 2015 in the Mexican plant in San Luis Potosi from the North American market. Passenger tires are also at risk of sudden loss of pressure.