LED H13 Headlights 2007 Ford Expedition

Rumour I Box Because all the. And. Looks really nice of lex. Colors turn. Black everywhere. Really nice. In the Barker has all the information. It’s the house in committee. Worried called why. And it’s also a good also also 2 year warranty which is nice. As soon as I opened the package she. You can see yourself there was a mess. So I think they need to do a little bit. But the job packaging make political in there or something. Soon you know hold them together. Out of the box near her sooner Levi’s. Drivers and soon adopters. Looks like a nice easy setup so you shouldn’t have any problem. Suddenly the stupid things off.
LED H13 Headlights
This is what it looks like character your test everything and now new. I only do you have any peaceful my farm lands though no inducement of would be obedience school led headlights for cars. Expedition uses a 13 ball floats will. But when I. All in all. There’s food on his worries neither chain. The headlights for car Ford and this. To them from exhibitions ruefully. I have dreams of school one true bolts and deuce. Pull the whole assembly out. And then. New York so soft with a slow were mutually homes to do the. This is one of trickle their world from going on unscrewed the restrooms and number Miller. Hello Morris and we sort. So are her Marita some Leo. From now on you just need to twist this. There you go so loud reduce. Sure murder. Beau about already so numbers hoodoos corner. It’s not it’s nice not been. Already. Good luck to the caller doppler choose the one that.

Came with the lie. The loser easy for it. That’s bought it Mitchell you say. This. Flawed because decision stormy dangling around of. Just to be you know so if. The main thing I noticed is the glare so I’m going to have to invest in those LED projectors. So you know I don’t blind Mari. A 4 wheel drive rinse but other than that they’ll look really nice. Once you start raining I’m going to drive a truck you close to review all that. And you guys can see how it goes yourselves so. Thank you for watching.