2016 Ford Fusion SE Review

2016 Ford Fusion SERichman for Linkin 46 0 west Broad Street featuring today 2016 Ford Fusion, 1 of my favorite automobiles. Has a very long wheel base that help secure stability ride comfort as well as interior leg room this vehicle. Is equipped with 3 different gasoline engine choices my top 10 favorite actually happens to be the 1.5 liter turbo charged direct injected eco boost engine we also have a 2 liter, but that would give you around 240 horsepower 270.

Toward the Fusion is also available as an all wheel drive model most time to be fought will drive, also happens to have an incredibly generous, trunk course with the full down seating so you can go to Costco and slide in that big screen TV no problem and led headlights for Ford Fusion, at all Fusions also take regular gasoline something that is going to help you, are hybrid model is rated for 42 MPG all round we also have, a plugin hybrid model you never have to go to the park your utility bill would probably be raised just a couple dollars, a month so why buy gas but if you do choose to go on a longer trip take a look at these premium 18 inch black wheels another option the wheel sizes range from 60 minutes 219 inch. SC Code on the European Your Courts across.